Transportation options have increased in Minneapolis the last few decades. Gone are horse-drawn carriages and old fashioned cars. Public transportation allows people to move more freely without owning a car. Even though transportation options are growing, neighborhood structures are becoming crowded and necessities, like grocery stores, are being scattered amongst the rapid growth of housing. Minneapolis has a bus and train system that allows its citizens to share public transportation with others. The purpose of it is to make getting to places easier. However, there is a problem with this transportation method because sometimes the destination is so far that overall travel time will be over two hours going and coming back. Many might not have that kind of time luxury.

In Minneapolis, most of the bigger grocery stores are at least a 5-10 minute drive, 10-20 minutes or longer by bike and bus, and if you walk it will take you 3.5 times longer to arrive where you need to be. Even when you’re able to travel by foot, by bike, or by some other mode, there will be inconveniences. Shoppers must consider how to carry groceries back and where to put a bike or rollerblades when in the store. They may be quite heavy and there may not be a place to secure it, like a bike rack.

Going to grocery stores by car and bus can be the most convenient in some cases but these, too, have their drawbacks. Limitations include finding parking, parking costs, and time issues. Traveling to grocery stores to retrieve your grocery needs can be quite a burden even with all the advanced modes of transportation there are today. Therefore, even a task such as doing some grocery shopping can become terribly time consuming and physically tiring especially for families. Grocery shopping is also another obstacle for students like those at the University of Minnesota because there isn’t any grocery stores around campus.


If walking or biking (the healthier and cost-effective choice) is not plausible, taking public transportation is another option. Both may take more time to get to your destination, so you will need to plan well. At least parking fees or parking spots will not be a problem. This will also alleviate concerns about gas prices or driving through traffic. If you must drive then you can share your driving costs with other people in other words carpooling.


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