Food Deserts within Minneapolis

This guide is meant to help the people of Minneapolis who live in a food desert, specifically those residing in North Minneapolis, which is one of the largest food deserts in the country. Therefore, it is worthy to outline the statistics about how this local food desert is set up, and compare it other neighborhoods that have proper access to healthy food. Below are two communities within Minneapolis: Carag, which is located in Uptown and Near North, which is located in North Minneapolis. These two have been chosen to compare racial demographics and median income, so that they can be juxtaposed with the number of grocery stores within the area.



Median household income: $50,476


Black or African American: 4.4%

White: 87.9%

Asian or Pacific Islander: 3.0%

Number of grocery stores in the area:


Near North:


Median household income: $30,789 – 57.7% earn less than $35,000


Black or African American – 50.2%

White – 16.7%

Asian or Pacific Islander – 17.1 %

Number of grocery stores in the area:


With including these demographics that display each area’s race, median income, and number of grocery stores available, we can see that these statistics align with how food deserts come into existence. It is also worth pointing out that despite the fact that there are 2 classified grocery stores in North Minneapolis, the accessibility and selection are not the same as those 5 that exist in Uptown. One of the grocery stores is a Cub foods that is not easily accessible by public transportation, because of it’s location on the edge of North Minneapolis, closer to Northeast Minneapolis. The other, So Low Grocery Outlet, is a locally owned grocery store that is small and does not have a vast selection of items given its limited space and resources, most likely due to the fact that it is trying to provide resources for an entire community. North Minneapolis is a food desert that is not being served like Uptown, or other affluent areas of the city.

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